Joint Board of Regents Meeting

On Thursday, 20 January, CLTS welcomed the Board of Regents of our sister seminary in Edmonton. The two boards traditionally meet together every two years. It provides an opportunity to co-ordinate the work and planning of LCC's two seminaries. Just as importantly, the face-to-face gathering fosters friendship and understanding. The major topic of discussion was … Continue reading Joint Board of Regents Meeting

CLTS Responds to the Task Force

On 1 December 2010 the Task Force on Cost-Efficient, Sustainable Seminary Education presented its report to synod. The two seminary presidents had been given the opportunity on two occasions to provide input to the task force during its work, and were given a preview of the proposals in early October 2010. We give thanks for … Continue reading CLTS Responds to the Task Force

News from Ukraine

Oleg Schewtschenko was a young lad who benefited greatly from LCC's mission work in Ukraine, coming under the pastoral care of Rev. Roland Syens. He later studied for the Holy Ministry in the Lutheran seminary in Odessa, organised by Dr Norm Threinen of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton. With the help of our synod and particularly … Continue reading News from Ukraine

Vistas on the New Testament

Do you want to read the New Testament with understanding? Beginning on Tuesday, 1 February 2011, 7:00pm, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, will open its doors to anyone interested in a guided tour through the New Testament. The teacher will be Pastor Juhana Pohjola of Helsinki, Finland, who is a visiting scholar at the … Continue reading Vistas on the New Testament