Paschal Candle Donated

A "Paschal Candle" could also be called an "Easter Candle". The word "paschal" comes from "Passover [πάσχα]", the great event of Israel's deliverance from Egypt that reached a greater fulfilment when Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead. Jesus is our paschal lamb (I Cor. 5:7). When Christ died upon the cross on the … Continue reading Paschal Candle Donated

Guild Day 2013

The CLTS Seminary Guild is by nature dedicated exlusively to supporting the students and mission of Concordia, St. Catharines. Each year they manage to renew their entire membership, collecting $5 from nearly 1000 people in the Lutheran churches of, primarily, Ontario and Western New York. This represents an enormous dedication, for which we are immensely … Continue reading Guild Day 2013