Candidate, Vicar, and DPS Placements 2014

Candidate, Vicarage, and DPS Intern Placements 2014 (31/05/14) Candidate Placements (all from CLTS, St. Catharines) Basil Christorforidis - Peace/Duchess Lutheran, Taber/Duchess, AB Tyson Mastin - St. John’s Lutheran, Plato, MN John Nieminen - Zion/Trinity Lutheran, Melville/Neudorf, SK Andrew Preus - Trinity/St. Paul Lutheran, Guttenberg/McGregor, IA Paul Preus - Zion Lutheran, Ellendale, ND Jeremy Richert - … Continue reading Candidate, Vicar, and DPS Placements 2014

“Congress” Special: 50% off at Seminary Bookstore

The seminary is hosting a number of lectures during the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences meetings being held at Brock University from May 25 - May 30 ( The meeting is the largest academic gathering of its kind in Canada. To celebrate this event, the seminary bookstore will be having a 50% … Continue reading “Congress” Special: 50% off at Seminary Bookstore

Call Service Livestream 2014

The seminary’s annual Call Service takes place on Saturday, 31 May 2014, 4:00pm, at Grace Lutheran Church, St. Catharines. We plan to broadcast the service live by webcam. If you would like to watch, follow the link below. A recording will be available after the event until 18 June.

Guild Day 2014

Offering God’s peace under enemy fire is just one of the important aspects of military chaplaincy, explained Rev. Alex Knowles to the 118 guests and members of the seminary community in the chapel on 26 April. And he should know. Major Knowles is a CLTS graduate and served as a first responder after the 9/11 … Continue reading Guild Day 2014

First Call for Sam Choi

Waiting for a group of people you do not know to call you to serve them as pastor can be an agonizing wait. Certified candidates for the holy ministry do not see all the prayers, meetings, conversations, communications, consultations and paper work that go into formulating and then issuing a call. For various reasons not … Continue reading First Call for Sam Choi

Sermon (Mark 16:1-8)

The following sermon was preached in the seminary's Martin Luther Chapel for the divine service on the Festival of St Philip and St James, Apostles, by Rev. Dr Wilhelm Torgerson. St Mark 16:18 Just imagine it for a moment: Jesus rose from the dead—and nobody took notice. He lives—and people have no clue. He is … Continue reading Sermon (Mark 16:1-8)