Distance Education is a mode of learning which enables students to learn from an instructor who is not physically present in the same room. Concordia regularly offers courses through distance education technology that includes live video instruction. Through an arrangement with Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, students also receive some courses in this mode as a regular component of their programme.

Because of the importance of personal formation in pastoral programmes, students in the MDiv and Diploma Programme may earn no more than six credits by distance education. Students in the MTS are not subject to such a restriction.


Students enrolling in courses delivered by distance education must have the necessary equipment. This includes an up-to-date computer capable of the demands of video-conferencing, a webcam and headset, a reliable broadband internet connection, and an up-to-date web browser. The student is expected to have sufficient computer competence, though seminary staff will provide technical assistance as they are able. All costs involved are to be borne by the student. Distance education courses delivered to residential students at the seminary will be provided through seminary equipment.