The seminary’s former gallery host has discontinued our service. As a stopgap measure, our archive of photo galleries is available below in list form. We hope to have a more visually appealing index of the albums available in the future. Galleries are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top.

Golf Tournament 2019

Call Service 2019

Guild Day 2019

LWMLC Vicar’s Luncheon 2019

Haiti Lutheran Mission Society Convocation 2019-03

Lutheran Bible Translators–Canada Convocation 2019-02

Christmas Dinner 2018

Advent Lessons and Carols 2018

Torgy’s Farwell

CLTS Harvest Day 2018

Lutheran Hour Ministries Convocation 2018

CLTS Opening Service 2018

CLTS Opening BBQ 2018

CLTS Student ID Photos 2018

Golf Tournament 2018

Vicars’ Retreat 2018

Call Service 2018

Concordia in the Spring

CLTS Vicars’ Dinner 2018

Dr. Harold Ristau: Depart with Dignity

Josh Brahm: Pro-life Strategies

CLTS Christmas Dinner 2017

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2017

LLL Convocation 2017

MARS 95 Theses Commemoration

CLTS Harvest Day 2017

CLTS Reformation 500 Conference

CLTS Opening Service 2017

CLTS Opening Retreat 2017

CLTS Opening BBQ 2017

CLTS Faculty/Staff 2017

Student ID Photos 2017

CLTS Golf Tournament 2017

Call Service 2017

Guild Day 2017

Concordia Chapel

Krestick Convocation 2017

CLTS Vicars’ Dinner 2017

Open Day, 2017-03-16

LCC LCMS ACNA Dialogue 2017

Harvest Day 2016

CLTS Christmas Dinner 2016

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2016

Reformation Rare Book Room

Lutheran Hour Ministries Convocation

Lutherans for Life 2016

CLTS Opening Service 2016

Student ID Photos 2016

CLTS Opening BBQ 2016

CLTS Opening Retreat 2016

CLTS Golf Tournament 2016

CLTS Call Service 2016

CLTS End of Year BBQ 2016

CLTS Volunteer Lunch 2016

Guild Day 2016

Aaron Astley Convocation

LLL/LHM Convocation

Paavola Visit

Andrew Pfeiffer (Australia)

CLTS Christmas Dinner 2015

Advent Lessons and Carols 2015

CLTS Harvest Day 2015

Evangelfest 2015

Pastoral Perspectives on Paul

Trinity, NOTL, 60th Anniversary

CLTS Call Service 2015

Concordia Faculty

CLTS Mundt Retirement

LBTC Mike Kuhn Convocation

CLTS Guild Day 2015

CLTS Vicars’ Dinner 2015

Eileen Schuller – Dead Sea Scrolls Convocation

CLTS Joint Board of Regents 2015

CLTS Christmas Dinner 2014

Advent Lessons and Carols 2014

Wallace Schulz Convocation

CLTS Harvest Day 2014


“Militant Secularism” Conference

CLTS Opening BBQ 2014

CLTS Opening Service 2014

Presentation of Augsburg Confession BBQ


CLTS Call Service 2014

Sam Choi Placement

CLTS Guild Day 2014

Nicaragua Graduation 2014

CLTS Christmas Party 2013

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2013

CLTS Harvest Day 2013

CLTS Opening Service 2013

CLTS Opening BBQ 2013

CLTS Call Service 2013

Evangelism, May 2013

CLTS Guild Day 2013

Vicars’ Dinner 2013

CLTS Christmas Party 2012

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2012

Harvest Day 2012

Opening Service, 2012, Presidential Installation

ILC Opening Service 2012

CLTS Opening BBQ 2012

Higher Things, St. Catharines, 2012

Golf Tournament 2012

Call Service 2012

CLTS Guild Day 2012

Father-Son Breakfast with Pastor Kevin Fast

Vicars’ Dinner 2012

Chocolate, Wine, and Roses 2012

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2011

CLTS Christmas Party 2011

C.F.W. Walther Festive Convocation

Harvest Day 2011

CLTS Opening Service 2011

CLTS Opening BBQ 2011

Scandinavian Lutheranism Conference Videos

Call Service 2011

Guild Day 2011

LWMLC Vicars’ Dinner 2011

Vistas on the NT

Chocolate, Wine, and Roses 2011

Student Life

Joint Board of Regents, 2011

Advent Lessons and Carols 2010

CLTS Harvest Day 2010

CLTS Opening Service 2010

CLTS Opening BBQ 2010

Call Service 2010

CLTS Christmas Party 2009

CLTS Harvest Day 2009

Opening Service 2009

Opening BBQ 2009

Call Service 2009

Montreal: French Hymnal Introduction Workshop

Guild Day 2009

Seminary Wives Retreat, Allen Quist

Lucky in Love Dinner Theatre

CLTS Advent Lessons and Carols 2008

CLTS Christmas Party 2008

Harvest Day 2008 – Seminary Guild

Concordia Staff

Concordia in the Autumn

Opening Service 2008

Concordia in the Snow