Seminary Aid

Students are expected to have developed a financial plan to support themselves adequately during their years at seminary. The seminary (through the Student Aid Committee) has two forms of support available to students in need:

  • The Grants-in-Aid programme is available to all seminary students who are not in possession of full funding from an external source. To evaluate financial need the student submits an Application for Student Aid form to the Business Manager at the beginning of each academic year.  Monies obtained through seminary grants are awarded each semester and intended to offset tuition and textbook costs. Because of the financial aid fund’s healthy condition, the seminary will endeavour to provide approximately 80% of an eligible student’s tuition costs.
  • The Work-Aid programme may be available to students. The student applies for and may be awarded a needed job at the seminary for several hours per week (e.g., chapel assistant, library, janitorial, IT). To be accepted for Work-Aid does not eliminate a student from further Grants-In-Aid, should this be required.

Congregational and District Aid

Students should also request aid from their home congregation and church district. This should be done early in summer. Admissions procedures need to be completed before aid requests are considered.

LCC Student Aid

Since Lutheran Church–Canada is no longer divided into districts, the synod now provides equivalent aid, which is granted above and beyond seminary aid for students who are members of LCC congregations. This aid is administered through the seminary’s business office to students who indicate on their financial aid application that they are eligible.

LCC members who wish to pursue training for a church vocation that is not available at either of LCC’s two seminaries may apply to their nearest LCC seminary for LCC aid in order to study at an institution of higher learning in the LCMS or another sister church.