Students are expected to have developed a financial plan to support them adequately during their years at seminary. In cases of special need, the seminary (through the Student Aid Committee) offers:

  • The Grants-in-Aid programme is available to all seminary students who have made every effort to provide for educational costs, including seeking part-time employment. To evaluate financial need the student submits an Application for Student Aid form to the Student Aid Committee.  Monies obtained through seminary grants are awarded each semester and intended to offset tuition and textbook costs. Because of the financial aid fund’s healthy condition, the seminary will endeavour to provide approximately 80% of an eligible student’s tuition costs.
  • The Work-Aid programme may be available to students.  The student would perform a needed job at the seminary for several hours per week (for example: chapel assistant, library, janitorial, public relations). To be accepted for Work-Aid does not eliminate a student from further Grants-In-Aid, should this be required.

Applications for Student Aid (from the seminary) may be obtained from the Registrar’s Assistant, or downloaded. Completed applications for Financial Aid should be filed with the Director of Financial Aid on or before Registration Day.

The Registrar’s office can also help obtain applications for aid from the student’s home district. This should be done early in summer. Admissions procedures need to be completed before aid requests are considered. For the convenience of LCC East District members, further information is provided below.

LCC East District Student Aid

The purpose of the Student Aid Fund is to make it possible for young men and women, who lack financial resources and already have the desire and ability, to train for full-time service in the church within our synodical institutions.

Student Aid Application Forms are available from the LCC East District Office, or may be downloaded from the East District website. Interested individuals should speak with their pastor.