We welcome pastors and laypeople to join seminary classes for personal and vocational enrichment.

To “audit” a course is to “listen” to the instruction without participating fully. Auditors are not required to complete course assignments or exams. No credit or assessment of performance will be given. Students must ordinarily possess an undergraduate degree in order to audit MDiv or MTS classes. Permission of the instructor is also required.

Auditors may attend in person or join from home by live video link.


  • Field-work supervisors may audit one course per academic year for free.
  • A rostered church worker (pastor or deacon) of Lutheran Church–Canada, his/her spouse, and Brock professors may audit for a fee of $100.
  • In all other cases, the audit fee is one third of the regular tuition fee, which amounts to $326 per three-hour course in 2022-23.

Application Process

You may view the courses being taught in the current academic year here. Consult with the Registrar or Registrar’s Assistant to determine which courses are appropriate for you to audit. Please also complete the Audit Application Form.