The Concordia Seminary Guild was organized in 1978, two years after the seminary opened.

Guild Purpose

  • STIMULATE deeper and more active members in congregations.
  • PROVIDE information concerning needs of the students and seminary. Keep churches informed of guild activities.
  • CO-OPERATE with the seminary in providing needed  services for the school, students, and families, as is within our means and abilities.


is open to all women and men in Lutheran Church–Canada and The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Membership is $10 per year, from 1 May to 30 April. The membership has been as high as 1,100 members.


There are two meetings per year at the seminary. Guild Day is held in April and Harvest Day is in October. A luncheon follows the meetings at the seminary. There are four executive meetings per year and three newsletter mailings.

Contact Person

This is the communicator/liaison between the guild and the local congregations. It is the Contact Person who works on getting memberships, and the distribution of the newsletter. Contact persons submit annual memberships on this form.


Suggested projects our presented to the guild at our January executive meeting, and presented to the assembly at the Guild Day meeting.

Food Pantry

We have a pantry at the seminary to help the students and families. We encourage donations of groceries, frozen meats, and cash to purchase things not donated. Suggested days for donations would be Thanksgiving, Harvest Day, LWML Rallies, and Christmas socials.

Any way you can help is greatly appreciated.

Student Adoptions

Congregational groups may request a student to support with direct gifts, prayers, and personal contact. Please submit your request with this form.


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