Vicars with Judy Grande

An annual gift from the Ontario District LWML is a recognition dinner for those students about to begin their year of supervised internship, on site, in an LCC or LCMS congregation. This year was no exception as the ladies of Resurrection Lutheran, St. Catharines, on behalf of the Niagara and Toronto zones, prepared and served a delicious meal, including a make-your-own ice cream sundae table.

The purpose of the dinner is to alert these future pastors to the wide range of activities and involvement that the LWML members are engaged in, and to make them aware of opportunities for additional resources, such as devotional materials, and support. Sample materials are provided for the students, their wives and children.

Javed Khan

A highlight of the evening was the “sing-the-second-verse contest” organised by LWML –Canada president, Judy Grande as part of her presentation on the nature and structure of the league. An added bonus this year was to hear of Javed Khan’s ESL and other outreach activities in the Windsor-Essex area and to see photos of an increasing number of recent immigrants of non-Christian backgrounds attending worship and even being baptised.

Students in attendance were Sam Choi, Perry Hart, Dereck Pillay, Jeremy Richeret, Kurt Schultz, and Jeff Swords.

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