Harvest Day 2021

MDiv Student Albert Ho In a 2019 press release it was announced that the Seminary Guild was “already looking forward to Guild Day 2020.”  Little did anyone realize that, because of the pandemic, in 2020 both Guild Day and Harvest Day would have to be cancelled. What a joy it was that the Guild was able … Continue reading Harvest Day 2021

Liturgical Calendar 2022

For more than a decade CLTS, St. Catharines (lately in co-operation with CLS, Edmonton), has provided all LCC congregations with a wall calendar primarily meant for use by altar guilds. The calendar contained the liturgical festivals of the three-year and one-year lectionary series, together with their parament/vestment colours and space to write notes. For the … Continue reading Liturgical Calendar 2022

Harvest Day 2021 Reminder

Here is a reminder of the Seminary Guild Harvest Day taking place this coming Saturday. Please join us through the YouTube link provided in the story below. The Seminary Guild is a large community of church members who support the seminary and her students with regular gifts, loving service, and prayers. For many years they … Continue reading Harvest Day 2021 Reminder

Call for Award Nominations

Each May at the annual Call Service Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary has the opportunity to confer two major awards on worthy pastors or lay members of Lutheran Church–Canada. The recipient of the Friend of the Seminary award is nominated by the faculty or Board of Directors (Regents) for making a significant contribution to the well-being … Continue reading Call for Award Nominations

Thanksgiving to the God who Opens Doors

With your gift, you open doors … for some to become parish pastors, others to train to better serve the Lord and His church in their various vocations, and still others to become chaplains. Dr Thomas Korcok opens this year's Thanksgiving letter with this reflection on the opportunites God has offered to our students. At … Continue reading Thanksgiving to the God who Opens Doors

Seminaries Sunday 2021

Seminaries Sunday 2021 "I will give you Shepherds after My own heart." (Jer. 3:15) Lutheran Church–Canada no longer designates a specific day "Seminaries Sunday", but encourages her congregations to remember the two seminaries with prayers and offerings. We encourage you to use the propers appointed for the day, but you may also choose to make … Continue reading Seminaries Sunday 2021

First Artwork Added to Baptismal Font

In May we were overjoyed to install and consecrate a new oak baptismal font in the seminary's Martin Luther Chapel. https://concordia-seminary.ca/2021/05/13/new-baptismal-font-installed-and-consecrated/ At the time we announced that the font's design included an ongoing project to add small pieces of artwork depicting the Christian Church's ministry in Word and Sacrament, based on the model of catechetical … Continue reading First Artwork Added to Baptismal Font

Sermon: Feast of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist 2021

The following sermon was preached by Dr. Thomas Korcok in the seminary’s Martin Luther Chapel for the divine service in observance of the Feast of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, 21 September 2021. Caravaggio "The Calling of St. Matthew" 1600 What is the world to me?  Well, for much of the time, quite a bit.  … Continue reading Sermon: Feast of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist 2021

Seminary Guild fall Newsletter Released

The Guild's fall newsletter has now been released. Print copies have been sent to reps and congregations who have requested it, while the remainder are receiving it by e-mail to distribute to their members. You can download it now and read it here. If you haven't paid for an annual membership—at $5 it's a bargain!—please … Continue reading Seminary Guild fall Newsletter Released

46th Year Begins with a Bustle of Activity

Forty-five years ago, Christ Lutheran Church in St. Catharines was full as people gathered for the opening service of the first academic year of the newly formed Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary. Dr Robert Preus was the preacher and Dr Albin Stanfel was the officiant. It was a time of great excitement. Here, finally, was a … Continue reading 46th Year Begins with a Bustle of Activity