Guild President Judy Zastrow with the Executive

At Guild Day 2011 members of the 1000-strong Concordia Seminary Guild discussed at length the implications of the upcoming LCC synodical convention for their beloved seminary. The workbook contains four overtures that call for LCC to close one of her seminaries in an effort to save money. Acting President Dr Tom Winger explained to the gathering that the Task Force report had, in fact, argued in favour of maintaining the two-seminary system, and that seminary representatives were at work on a Memorandum of Understanding to increase co-operation and reduce costs (see

The Guild members present voted to present a petition to LCC President Bugbee indicating their full support for Concordia, St. Catharines, and encouraging the members of LCC to continue supporting this vital ministry. The petition was circulated and signed by all members present, and they were encouraged to take it back to their congregations to garner more signatures.

The Guild and the seminary community encourage you to download the petition (here) and add your names to express your agreement with its eloquent voice, that we

stand united in our commitment to and support of the dedicated men who endeavour to fulfil that sacred mandate through the acquisition of theological training and pastoral formation here at Concordia in order that the richness of God’s Holy Word may be proclaimed to the ends of the world.

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