“I didn’t know there were any Catholics in Germany!” was one young lady’s response on being interviewed shortly after the new pope, a German, was elected. Dr Wilhelm Torgerson used this example to demonstrate how so many people around the world think of Germany as a Lutheran country. The reality is, sad to say, that few attend the territorial churches and even fewer consider the Bible as authoritative and relevant to their daily life. With slides and anecdotes Pastor Torgerson continued to remind the 60 present at the Seminary Guild Harvest Day, held this past Saturday, 15 October, of the need to pray for spiritual renewal in the land of the Reformation, and especially to pray for the faithful pastors and members of our sister synod, the Independent Lutheran Church in Germany (German abbreviation is SELK).

The morning began with the mandatory coffee and muffins for the early birds. After a hymn sing to get voices cleared and minds directed towards the tasks for the day, the Guild executive conducted the business meeting. A rallying cry led to enough last minute memberships to tip the total over  the 1000 mark—one of the largest guilds in North America. Chapel followed with Andrew Preus, CSSA President, as preacher, Paul Preus as liturgist, and James Preus as acolyte, and the seminary choir, directed by Tara Lyn Hart.

Following the “Religious Life in Lutherland” presentation, the students and families introduced themselves. The real surprise for most Guild members was the large number of small children this year, as you can see in the picture. A catered luncheon by Chef Paul provided an opportunity for sponsoring groups to meet their adopted student for the year, to get reacquainted with returning vicars, and to catch up on personal and congregational news from friends.

Special thanks to the students for transforming classrooms into dining rooms and aiding with the cleanup.

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