The coffee was cooking. The bacon was sizzling. And in the background you could hear the clatter of cups and cutlery as seminarians and their sons began setting up the serving table for a Men’s Breakfast, Saturday, 31 March, at Grace Lutheran Church in St. Catharines. James and Tyson and Rev. Juritsch were the first on the scene to get things organised. This culminated a month of planning by the Concordia Seminary Students’ Association. As more students arrived, scrambling eggs and making pancakes began. The first guests arrived from Hamilton and then the stream increased as we neared the 8.30am start. After words of welcome and a table prayer, the forty-eight present enjoyed their breakfast.

After a lot of coffee and conversation, seminarian Perry Hart introduced his home pastor and our guest speaker for the morning. Rev. Dr Kevin Fast is known throughout the world for his strongman feats—pulling fire trucks, planes, trains, even a house—done mostly to benefit charities. In addition he participates in highland games throughout the summers. He spoke about his faith in relation to the opportunities God has given him. From The Regis and Kelly Show to Beijing, China, to meeting the Queen, and hundreds of other places, he always lets people know that his strength comes first from the Lord and that this Lord Jesus is the one who pulls him along as he serves his parish in Cobourg, Ontario. He also noted how many conversations and spiritual inquiries come his way.

Dr Fast was accompanied by his son Jacob, who has also begun setting records at age 19. He shared some video clips of previous pulls and answered questions about shoes, techniques, work-out routines, diet, etc. At the end, Andrew Preus, CSSA President, thanked Dr Fast on behalf of all the fathers and sons present.

By 10.45am the guests were on their way home and the students were back in the kitchen cleaning up.

Thanks to all who attended and supported. Over $320 was received as a free-will offering.

Wm. Mundt

Dean of Students

To see more photos of the morning, visit our photo gallery:

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