Concordia Publishing House has made remarkable progress on the long-awaited expansion of Luther’s Works in English. The “American Edition” was capped at 55 volumes when its index volume was finally published in 1986. Now, 20 new volumes are planned.

Two of the most recent volumes, Prefaces I and II (vols 59 & 60), contain significant contributions from our seminary’s faculty. Adjunct Professor Rev. Duane Peters has translated seven prefaces, while Emeritus Professor Dr John Wilch contributed three. We are blessed to have such distinguished scholars of Latin and German on hand.

“Some of Luther’s prefaces are short, witty, and incisive; others are as long as treatises, with thorough discussions of important theology. Satirical, earnest, tender, combative—in his prefaces Luther is all these things. Over and over, Luther calls his readers to remember why the Reformation was needed, and not to take it for granted.” (CPH website)

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