bookstoreThe seminary’s bookstore is not seeing as much traffic as it used to, as students are increasingly choosing to shop online for the best prices. All our stock is currently 30-40% off as we seek to reduce our inventory. We plan in future to hold mainly hard-to-get textbooks for our students and second-hand books.

But there is a way for us to benefit still from this modern trend. We have created a virtual shop for both Amazon Canada and Amazon USA. Students are asked to purchase their textbooks through our shop so that the seminary receives a financial benefit from their purchases without the student paying any more for the book.

If you shop at Amazon, you can put your shopping to work for us as well. Anything you buy at Amazon can be credited to us if you enter Amazon through our seminary link. This applies to books, electronics, housewares, anything they sell. The price doesn’t go up; it costs you nothing more. But Amazon pays a portion of the proceeds to the seminary just for the referral.

So please, as you buy books, gifts, household supplies, think of how you can use this offer to the church’s advantage. Enter through our virtual bookstores:

Amazon Canada:

Amazon USA:

Or simply go straight to Amazon through these links:

AmazonCA AmazonUS

These links will be permanently available on the bookstore page of our website:

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