Pastoral Candidate Placements

Seungwoo Choi (St. Catharines): Placement pending

Perry Hart (St. Catharines): Waikerie Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church of Australia

Wesley Hromowyk (St. Catharines): Placement pending (commended to LCMS)

Todd Guggenmos (Edmonton): Our Saviour  Lutheran, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK

Vincent Moore (Edmonton): Christ Lutheran, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Dereck Pillay (St. Catharines): St. Matthew Lutheran, Scarborough, ON (LCMS)

Andrew Preus (St. Catharines): Placement deferred for graduate study

Mark Schultz (Edmonton): Zion Lutheran Church, Rimbey, AB

Jeff Swords (St. Catharines): Placement pending

Other Pastoral

Tim Barone (St. Louis): Associate Pastor, Calvary Lutheran, Thunder Bay, ON

Rev. Daniel Deyell (colloquy): Advent Lutheran, Evansburg, AB

Michael Schutz (colloquy): Concordia Lutheran, Penticton, BC

Vicarage Assignments

Aaron Astley (Edmonton): Rev. Andy Kahle, Christ the King Lutheran, 100 Mile House, BC

Basil Christoforidis (St. Catharines): Rev. Robert Krestick, Redeemer Lutheran, Waterloo, ON

Scott Gamble (Edmonton): Rev. David Bode, Foothills Lutheran Church, Calgary, AB

James Preus (St. Catharines): Rev. Terry Defoe, Mount Olive Lutheran, Regina, SK

Director of Parish Services

Alyx Quinlan: New Beginnings Lutheran Church, Regina, SK

 Director of Parish Services Intern

Kaitlin Schmitz: Rev. Mark Danielson, Trinity Lutheran Church, Fisherville, ON

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