Kleinig Cover (softcover) frontOn Friday, 4 October 2013, at a festive banquet in Springfield, Illinois, attended by Lutherans from across the continent, the Reverend Doctor John W. Kleinig was presented with a Festschrift by DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Centre for Spiritual Care and Counsel. Dr Kleinig is retired from a long career as pastor and professor of Old Testament and worship at Australian Lutheran College, Adelaide. A DOXOLOGY regular, he was in the US to speak at the centre’s INSIGHT conference.

The Festschrift, entitled You, My People, Shall Be Holy, includes two hymns and 19 essays by colleagues and former students. The volume is published by Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, and edited by Dr John R. Stephenson and Dr Thomas M. Winger. It is available in soft- and hardcover through the print-on-demand service, Lulu.com, with local printing and shipping in many countries. To order, search on Lulu or follow this link:



Commemorative Hymn: You, My People, Shall Be Holy!
Stephen P. Starke and Phillip A. Magness

The Tabernacle as a New Creation and New Eden
Chad L. Bird

Hierarchy, Humility, and Holiness: Ecclesial Ranks in Dionysius the Areopagite
Adam G. Cooper

Luther on Preaching the Word of God
Ronald R. Feuerhahn

From Autonomy towards Holiness
Ian Hamer

John 2:1-11—Water into Wine: A Sign of the Messianic Kingdom
Roger J. Humann

The Benefits of the Lord’s Supper in Seventeenth-Century Lutheranism
Vernon Kleinig

Da er sagt. Solchs thut! Dr Luther’s Confession Regarding Consecration in His 1528 Confession Concerning Christ’s Supper
Brent W. Kuhlmann

Holiness and Wholeness: towards a Truly Holistic Understanding of “Peace” in the Scriptures
Gregory P. Lockwood

The Third Use of The Law as Confessed in the Formula of Concord
Kurt E. Marquart

The Introduction of Women’s Ordination in the Territorial Churches of Germany and in the Lutheran Churches of Scandinavia
Gottfried Martens

Resurrection of the Flesh
Scott R. Murray

Bestowing Hands and Potestas ordinis
Norman E. Nagel

Luther and the Pastor at Prayer
Andrew C. Pfeiffer

Reflections on the Office of the Holy Ministry on the Basis of Martin Luther’s Genesis Commentary
Juhana Pohjola

Hymn: As Dear Children of the Father
Kurt E. Reinhardt

Third Use of the Law: Resolving The Tension
David P. Scaer

Lead Us Not into Temptation: Acedia, the Pastoral Pandemic
Harold L. Senkbeil

Towards an Exegetical and Systematic Appraisal of Luther’s Scattered Thoughts on Episcopacy
John R. Stephenson

Leviticus as a Christian Book: Patristic Instances
William C. Weinrich

The Priesthood of the Baptised: the Testimony of Luther, Peter, Humpty Dumpty, and a Goat
Thomas M. Winger

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