2014 COVER (crop)Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, is again pleased to offer to the church the annual pastor’s desk diary. It contains readings from the three-year and one-year lectionaries, including variants for the major Lutheran churches in Canada (LCC, ELCIC, WELS). The original work of Thrivent Financial in the US has been adapted to the Canadian calendar.

Although we can no longer offer the diary for free, the cost has been kept to $19 (plus shipping and GST) through the support of our advertisers. The diary is available through lulu.ca, an online, print-on-demand service. You may order your diary, which will be shipped directly to you, by searching on lulu.ca or following this direct link:


The base shipping cost in Canada is $5.99, but there are quantity discounts available if you can put an order together with other pastors or church workers.

Please note that you must order this yourself. The seminary cannot order the diary for you. If you have difficulty with online ordering, please ask for help from a family member or parishioner.

2 thoughts on “Lutheran Pastor’s Desk Diary 2014

  1. Just received my copy. Looks good! I appreciate the inclusion of the LSB 1-year lectionary. A version in PDF would be wonderful too so it could be printed to a 8.5 by 11 page, but the bound booklet is wonderful!

    1. We’re glad you appreciate it. Because we receive the files from Thrivent in the US, I don’t know that we would have permission to offer a pdf. More importantly, we need to achieve a minimum number of sales to make the project pay for itself, since we no longer receive any subsidy.

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