“So now come and let us take counsel together.” (Nehemiah 6:7)

“Isn’t it amazing how applicable Bible verses taken out of context can be for the circumstances in which we find ourselves? I suppose it is not always bad when one considers the sentiment involved and does not press for details or doctrines”—comments Dr William Mundt, who also serves as CLTS Director of Development.

Joint Board of Regents meeting, 26 January 2015Taking counsel together is exactly what the two LCC Seminaries do annually in a joint Board of Regents meeting. The latest one was held Monday, 26 January, at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines. The similar size and challenges provide opportunities for its Regents and those from Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton to learn from one another.

Long before the Memorandum of Understanding (2011) was formally adopted, such co-operation between the institutions took place through joint faculty meetings, faculty exchanges, and co-operative efforts on various levels. Shared goals and values means resource sharing is possible and desirable as regents discuss such concerns as faculty calls, recruitment, distance education, funding, and accreditation. With both seminaries needing to replace retiring faculty members in the coming year, and with the whole synod facing a financial crisis, joint counsel is wise and welcome. On this occasion, the group benefited from a board development session led by CLS President James Gimbel.

The two boards joined with the students for a divine service in commemoration of St Titus,Joint Board of Regents meeting, 26 January 2015 Pastor and Confessor—most appropriate for a seminary gathering. Rev. Rudy Pastucha, visiting with the Edmonton Board of Regents, preached to the gathered community. There was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the students and staff over lunch.

On Tuesday, 27 January, each Board of Regents met separately to ensure that individual issues are addressed.

The “Continuation Committee” comprising representatives of the two seminaries and the LCC Board of Directors met on Wednesday, 28 January, for ongoing review of the Memorandum of Understanding. A separate news story will shortly be issued concerning that committee’s important work.


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