Christ the True Vine icon (Athens, 16th century)Rev. Cameron Schnarr, pastor of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, a 2010 graduate of this seminary, and a current member of its Board of Regents, has written our Lenten Appeal Letter. (Printed copies will be sent to every LCC congregation for distribution, but you can read it sooner here!) Pastor Schnarr calls upon our church to value our “roots in the past” and prepare the ground for “fruit in the future” by making a thank offering to the seminary. As part of your Lenten discipline please consider this appeal. Although our historic debt has been retired, it is still vital for the church to support our ongoing operating costs so that we may prepare pastors to preach the saving Gospel. We pledge that we will be frugal and faithful with your gifts. You may Donate online, and/or sign up for a monthly pre-authorised contribution (Support Us).

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