On TuVisitatioesday, 7 April, our seminary will host a special Easter drama produced jointly by the Brock University Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Department of Dramatic Arts, and the Department of Music.

The Visitatio Sepulchri (“Visit to the Sepulchre”) is a mediaeval Christian liturgical drama portraying the visit of the women to the tomb of Christ on Easter morning.

Dr Brian Power (music director) will give a pre-concert talk at 7pm, after which the musical drama will be performed at 7.30pm.  Prof. Virginia Reh is the stage director.

This particular version is based on a 12th century play. The seminary performance is a special preview before the drama is performed at the University of Toronto for three nights in June.

Make this a part of your Easter celebration and join us in the seminary’s chapel on the evening of Easter Tuesday!

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