Drs John Stephenson and Tom Winger will be team-teaching an elective in the Apostolic Fathers during the May spring short term. The course will involve a complete reading of these early post-apostolic texts, translations of Greek pericopes from each writing, and a thorough discussion of the theological issues they raise.

Local clergy and qualified laity are invited to audit the course or take it for credit to be applied to an appropriate degree. Special audit fees are available to LCC pastors. Joining by video-conference can be discussed. Please contact Bonnie Stephenson (bstephenson@brocku.ca) for registration information or Dr Winger (twinger@brocku.ca) for course information.

The course will run for 11 days from Thursday, 7 May, to Friday, 22 May (excl. Victoria Day), 9am till 12.30pm.

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