Dr Bill Mundt Retirement DinnerWhen he was a young pastor in his first parish–Grace Lutheran Church in north St. Catharines–Rev. Bill Mundt worked with a few other Niagara area pastors on our fledgling seminary. In 1976 it was an extension site of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne. Fast forward to 2000 and the newly “Doctored” Bill Mundt was called onto the faculty to teach dogmatics and evangelism.

After fifteen years of teaching, serving also at various times as Academic Dean, Dean of Students, Director of Field Education, Vicarage, and Placement, and Director of Development, Dr Mundt is now retiring from full-time service–though not from the ministry of Christ’s church in Canada.

Dr Bill Mundt Retirement DinnerOn Friday, 29 May, a crowd of 65 friends and colleagues gathered at Hernder Estates Wines for dinner in his honour. Dr Mundt was given a well-deserved roasting from CLTS Board of Regents chairman Rev. Robert Krestick, East District President Rev. Paul Zabel, faculty colleague Dr Wilhelm Torgerson, and Emeritus President Dr Jonathan Grothe.

CLTS Call Service 2015On Saturday, 30 May, President Dr Thomas Winger invoked the Word of God and prayer to bid farewell and Godspeed to Dr Mundt during the seminary’s annual call service.

More photos of the retirement dinner are available here.

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