TMW160126-04-2048pxAustralia may be a continent of curious flora and fauna (we’re thinking mainly platypuses and eucalyptus trees) and exotic culture and cuisine (didgeridoos and Foster’s), but after the pleasure of having Dr. Andrew Pfeiffer visit Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, our seminary community knows from first-hand experience that the same faith in Christ and his gospel exists in the land down under as well as.

A member of the faculty in Australian Lutheran College in Adelaide, South Australia, Dr. Pfeiffer is mainly working with students preparing for pastoral ministry in the Australian Lutheran Church. Enjoying his temporary leave, he had visited numerous theological and ecclesial meetings in North America until finally concluding his trip in St Catharines.

TMW160126-02-2048pxOn Monday the 25th of January, the faculty of CLTS was happy to change ideas and experiences with him in an unofficial but highly beneficial faculty meeting. The following day saw Dr. Pfeiffer deliver a presentation for the students and staff about their seminary and the Australian Lutheran Church.

Dr. Pfeiffer pointed out the similarities between Lutheran Churches in Canada and Australia—both being small churches in geographically vast countries with a high level of urbanization. Many of the challenges but also joys we encounter are similar in both churches, providing plenty of opportunities for us to learn from each other. Briefly touching the ongoing debate in LCA concerning women’s ordination in response to a question, Dr. Pfeiffer asked for the prayers of Canadian Lutherans in preserving the unity based on the truth of the Scriptures in their church—a request which we happily pass along to all the readers of this text as well!

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