James Tissot, The Return of the Prodigal Son

President Thomas Winger reflects on the parables of the lost (Luke 15) in  our Lenten Appeal Letter. He writes:

The point is that Jesus came not to stay away from sinners but to find and bring them home. And when He returns them to God’s house, the whole church rejoices with Him. We are calling on you to join us in this joy by supporting your seminary in St. Catharines. Jesus carries on His seeking and finding ministry through the under-shepherds we call pastors. Your seminary is the place where these men develop the heart of Jesus and learn to speak His voice to call the lost back to God.

The letter also highlights Milton Lam, a senior student on vicarage in Winkler and Morden, Manitoba.

Please support this mission of seeking and finding by making an offering to your seminary. Include it in your Lenten discipline. You may Donate online, and/or sign up for a monthly pre-authorised contribution (Support Us).

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