During the spring months Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary has enjoyed visits by friends and supporters of the seminary community.

New students were given “tools for the trade” by the Lutheran Laymen’s League

On March 29th, Stephen Klinck from the Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada gave a presentation about the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries, where missionary mindset and media skills come together with solidly confessional Lutheran message.

On behalf of the LLL, Mr Klinck also presented new students with copies of the Greek New Testament (or a gift card for those who already had one). The gift is certainly appreciated, and a public ‘thank you’ for the Laymen’s League is hereby extended!

We at CLTS are also happy to tell that in recognition of the service given to the whole Church, the Delta Chi Medal will be awarded to Mr Klinck as part of the Call Service on May 28th.

Rev. Aaron Astley Convocation
Rev. Astley candidly shared the joys and challenges he faces as a young pastor serving in his first call.

On the 12th of April another fruitful convocation took place when Pastor Aaron Astley, a recent graduate from our sister seminary in Edmonton, shared his thoughts and experiences under the title, “How to survive your first call?” Rev. Astley led his hearers through his first months as a pastor, describing both ups and downs, joys and struggles in the ministry as he continues to serve nearby congregations in Grimsby and Hamilton. Stressing the importance of not only being the preacher of the Word, but also living from it and being strengthened and encouraged by it, Rev. Astley encouraged the students of  CLTS to develop and maintain a routine of devotional life already during their time in the seminary.

19th of April saw the students, faculty and staff sharing lunch with the numerous volunteers that help with the many practical tasks included in the life of the seminary. A volunteer luncheon was served to give opportunity for these friends of the seminary to meet with the students, and for the seminary community to express their gratitude for their selfless service.

CLTS Volunteer Lunch 2016
Food was tasty and spirits were high when the volunteers shared lunch with the faculty, staff and students of CLTS.

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