CLTS End of Year BBQ 2016
The Niagara Spring pampered the seminary community with warm weather and the blooming nature’s lush greenness.

CLTS End of Year BBQ 2016

Spirits ran high on the 20th of May when the students, staff and faculty of CLTS with their families gathered to celebrate the end of the school year with a barbecue on the seminary grounds. The warm Friday afternoon get together consisted of grilled burgers and sausage, potluck salads and desserts, laughs, stories, catching up, games, and children running on the grass with floral crowns made of dandelions (always so readily available).


The day also marked the end of the Spring short term course on C. S. Lewis under the title “True Fantasies and Fantastic Truths”. While some students still work on finishing their papers, with classwork and lectures finished the seminary now enters the period of recovery, planning and administration in order to be prepared for the beginning of the new academic year in the Autumn.


CLTS End of Year BBQ 2016
Viking Chess (or ‘Kubb’) spurred fierce competition in the noble art of throwing sticks to knock down the opponent’s game pieces.

Striving to be a community that not only works, studies and prays together, but also rejoices in the good gifts of creation with each other, the seminary has much to be thankful at the close of this season. The Lord has been good to us!

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