00_COVER_2009We are sorry to announce that 2016 was the last year of publication for the Pastor’s Desk Diary. Thrivent Financial in the US have provided us with files to edit for the Canadian context over the past decade or so. But recently they announced to us that they are discontinuing the diary. We do not have the resources to produce it on our own.

We will, however, continue to provide the poster-sized liturgical calendar to all LCC congregations. This is valued by pastors, altar guilds, and musicians as a handy way to plan out the seasons.

If you are looking for a replacement for the desk diary that covers the LSB lectionary, you may wish to consider an electronic alternative. The iCal produced annually by CPH and provided for free can be viewed online or subscribed via a calendar programme or app on a smartphone: http://www.cph.org/t-resources-diary.aspx.

For other Lutherans using the Revised Common Lectionary, see http://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu/.

For the WELS lectionary see http://welstechwiki.gapps.wels.net/planning-policy/lectionary-gcal.

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