Lutheran Theological Review is an annual journal published by the two seminary faculties of Lutheran Church–Canada. It provides a forum for our professors and pastors to publish their research, and for the seminaries to provide resources and to stimulate the minds of our pastorate and laity. Free copies are sent to every pastor in LCC, and paid subscriptions are available.

In public service to the church we also provide the full text in pdf format on our website. Click here to download volume 28, the latest issue. This volume, guest edited by Dr John Stephenson, contains sermons and essays from the 14 September 2015 conference, “Pastoral Perspectives on Paul”. The conference recognised the release of Dr Thomas Winger’s Concordia Commentary on Ephesians. In addition, there are essays by LCC’s Communications Manager, Mathew Block, and President James Gimbel of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton.


Pastoral Perspectives on Paul

Sermon: “You, then, my son” (I Cor. 1:18-24)
Roger E. Winger

Toward a Pauline Shaping of Pastoral Formation
Warren G. Hamp

Pastors and People Pelted by the Prince of the Power of the Air
Esko T. Murto

To Hear and Learn Jesus: Growing a Seminary from New Testament Seeds
Thomas M. Winger

Sermon: “Jars of Clay” (II Cor. 4:1-2)
Kurt E. Reinhardt


Winger’s Ephesians: Views from Three Corners of Christendom
Jonathan F. Grothe, John Hunwicke, Stephen Westerholm


Authority in the Church: Lutheran Reflections on Vatican II
Mathew Block

A Theological Christian Perspective on Physician-Assisted Death
James R. Gimbel


East District Church Workers’ Conference Devotions
David P. Saar



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