CLTS Guild Day 2015Rev. Dr Harold Ristau has announced today that he has decided to accept the call to serve as Assistant Professor of Theology at CLTS. He will officially take up the new post in August 2017. Plans for his installation have not yet been determined.

Rev. Harold Ristau, PhD, is a native of Kitchener, Ontario. He served as pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church, Montreal (2001-06). Since 2006 he has been a chaplain in the Canadian Forces and now holds the rank of major. He holds a PhD in Religious Studies from McGill University. He is married to Elise, and has five children (Katelyn, Simon, Marcus, Luke, & Matthias).

We give thanks to God and pray for the blessing of His Spirit on Dr Ristau’s new ministry among us.

One thought on “Rev. Dr Harold Ristau Accepts Faculty Call

  1. Just seeing this now Harold – congratulations and best wishes. Keep the Faith, Robin Nurnberger CD, PhD

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