L to R: Dr Thomas Winger; Terri, Sophia, and Isaac Paik; Matthew and Laurin Fenn; Iris Barta with Isaac Fenn; Janice Buchner

Vicarage is a big deal for seminary students—the opportunity to spend a whole year working in a congregation to put their theological education into practice. And so the annual vicars’ dinner, hosted by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada (LWMLC), is a pretty big deal, too. It’s one of those occasions when the students realise just how much love and support the church offers them as they prepare for their high calling.

Iris Barta demonstrates the “new technology” round mite box

The 2017 vicars’ dinner was held at Christ Lutheran Church, St. Catharines, with guests from across Ontario, and beyond. LWMLC President Iris Barta flew in from Winnipeg to impress on the group the wide-ranging services offered by this venerable organisation. After her presentation she gave each vicar a gift bag of current LWMLC materials illustrating the depth of talent on offer in our Canadian church.

CLTS has one regular vicar available for placement this year: Matthew Fenn, a native of Windsor, who will go forth to his new adventure with his wife Laurin, and their baby Isaac in arms. Laurin, who is studying for an MTS degree at the seminary, is expecting their second child this summer.

Linda Schappert MCs the evening

The dinner also welcomed colloquy student Rev. Isaac Paik, an ordained Presbyterian minister (originally from Korea), who is in full-time studies this year in preparation for entering the ministerium of LCC. He enjoyed the dinner with his wife Terri and their daughter Sophia. Rev. Paik will experience a mini-vicarage this summer as part of his colloquy process.

More photos are available here:

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