saintsBeginning 5 October, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary will offer a ten-session lay-oriented lesson series on the Book of Revelation. 

Understood throughout the history of the church in various ways, the Revelation remains a compelling but difficult book – and the modern reader’s task is not made any easier by the flood of commentaries that often rise high on best-seller lists but create confusion and even fear with their obscure interpretations. Quoting Martin Luther: Many have tried their hands at it, but until this very day they have attained no certainty. Some have even brewed it into many stupid things out of their own heads. (LW 55:400)

The title of the series, “Revelation Opened”, draws from Rev 22:10 where John is instructed not to seal the words of the prophecy because the time is near. When it was originally written, the Book of Revelation was intended to be read and understood, and should continue to be an intelligible, comforting and inspiring book for the church even today. Through the series the gospel-centred theology of the Revelation is drawn out so its message can be correctly understood and embraced.

Taught by Rev Esko Murto, the weekly lessons go every Thursday from 5 October to 14 December (except on 23 Nov). Course fee of $75 will cover the attendance and lecture notes (pdf and hardcopies). The course is primarily targeted to the laity, but pastors are also welcome to attend.

Please click here to see lessons and register for the course.

For more information:

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