Once again this year, students soon to be enrolled in the Spring Evangelism Course arrived at the Simcoe County Fair to participate in their annual outreach organized by Pastor Dan Abraham and the members of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Simcoe.

Their booth, banner and materials emphasized the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with various giveaways, tracts, and literature highlighting the theme. Guests were welcomed through a recreated door of the Wittenberg church by volunteers, including seminary students, who engaged in conversations and answered questions as they shared the Gospel of God’s free forgiveness in Christ. A record number of children’s colouring books that clearly outlined the basic teachings of the Lutheran church were given away to happy children and even some adults.

The seminary appreciates St. Peter’s openness to include her students in such evangelism efforts. They not only bring students out of the classroom, but also, sometimes, out of their comfort zones, into such contexts where the practical application of doctrine is clearly manifested, especially in conversations with strangers who have little understanding of the Christian faith, but are open to learn and to hear (Rom. 10:14).


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