l2r: Janice Buchner, Dr Thomas Winger, Sam, Vishal, Joey, & Ashu Paul, Aimee and Ndriana Rakotoarimah, Rev. Paul Zabel, Rev. Mark Koehler

Vicarage is a very important step in a seminary student’s formation towards the pastoral ministry—the opportunity to spend a whole year working in a congregation to put their theological education into practice. The annual vicars’ dinner, hosted by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada (LWMLC), opens the door a crack to see what they’re getting into. It’s one of those occasions when the students realise just how much love and support the church offers them as they prepare for their high calling.

Janice Buchner entertains the crowd!

The 2018 vicars’ dinner was held at Resurrection Lutheran Church, St. Catharines, with guests from across Ontario, and beyond. LWMLC Ontario District President Janice Buchner was an able stand-in for President Iris Barta (who was unable to attend) as she unfolded the mysteries of this venerable organisation. Linda Schappert served as MC, and a fine dinner was served by ladies of Resurrection Mary-Martha Society.

CLTS has one regular vicar available for placement this year: Vishal Paul, a native of India, who was accompanied by his wife Ashu and their sons Sam and Joey. Vishal will spend one full year on vicarage and then return to CLTS for his final year of studies before ordination.

The dinner also hosted colloquy student Rev. Ndriana Rakotoarimah, an ordained Lutheran minister from Madagascar, who is in full-time studies this year in preparation for entering the ministerium of LCC. Many of those present met his wife Aimée for the first time, who was only recently able to join him in Canada. Rev. Rakotoarimah will undertake a vicarage-like supervised ministry experience this summer as part of his colloquy process. He will return to CLTS for a second year of studies in September.

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