Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary’s annual Golf Tournament saw 82 competitors get together for a day of fun and fellowship on the Sawmill Golf Course on 4 June. Strong winds provided excellent excuses for less-than-perfect swings, and beautiful sunshine brought a healthy red glow to the cheeks of golfers as they combed through tall grass in search of lost balls (theirs or previous players’). Sand traps were fluffy and inviting, and the small brook running through the course taught many players the ever-important lesson of not letting one’s heart grow too fond of earthly possessions, even one as small as a golf ball. In short, it was an enjoyable event, where the members of the seminary community and the supporters of the seminary got together for a day of golf fellowship. CLTS faculty and staff also want to express their thanks for the Sawmill Golf Course, once again supporting the seminary tournament and providing a wonderful location for the game!

The Putting Contest focussed on the aspect of game loved by some and hated by others.
CLTS professor Esko Murto approached the game with the idea: “At least dress up for the part.”
This year’s winners: Jeff Scott (left), Ray Nikyuluw, Don Larman, and Steve Ritter.
Dr Thomas Winger in a new, snazzy, shining white CLTS polo shirt. Rev. Warren Hamp (right) wisely protects his eyes even indoors. Dr Roger Winger in the middle.

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