The first class in our lay course, “The Theology of Spirituality”, was warmly received in Monday night. A video of the class is now available on our YouTube channel:

Subsequent class recordings will be posted each week by Wednesday. Just check our YouTube channel. It’s still possible to join the class in person by contacting Dean Murto. As a reminder, here’s the original story about the class:

Theology of Spirituality is where the doctrinal teaching of the church meets with the practical life of faith; what Christians believe forms and is formed by how they pray, preach, sing and praise God.

This Lent season Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary offers a six-part lesson series on the Theology of Lutheran Spirituality. Instead of a broad overview, this course seeks to examine particular aspects of Lutheran faith and their impact on devotional life of Lutheran Christians.

“At times I, who teach this and prescribe it to others, have learned from my own example that praying comes close to being the most difficult of all works. Therefore I do not claim to be a master in this task.“  (Martin Luther)

The instructor for the course is assistant professor of systematic theology, Rev Esko Murto. Course includes a fee of $50. Meetings are held each Monday in Lent season from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Please register yourself for the class by sending email to or calling 289-929-4286. Welcome!

Course Schedule

11.3. “Look at the Birds of the Air” Seeing the sanctity of Creation and finding God hidden in the Ordinary

18.3. “A Sin not unto Death” How to repent in a right way, and what are mortal sins?

25.3. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory” Salvation in the union between Christ and the Christian

1.4. “So that no one can boast” Do we have a dilemma with good works?

8.4. “Cloud of witnesses” Drawing wisdom from the past saints and church traditions

15.4. “Resist the Devil” Christian life under assaults of the devil

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