The seminary faculty have been consulted regularly by LCC pastors seeking advice on how to balance concerns about public health with the need to provide spiritual care. As most jurisdictions in Canada are allowing churches to gather again for public worship, it is important to think theologically about how to comply with health directives without compromising the faith.

The faculty decided to compile their various pieces of advice and analysis into a Faculty Opinion as a resource to pastors and congregations. They hope and pray that it will serve as an encouragement to faithfulness and an exhortation to “lift up your hearts”.

The Faculty Opinion may be downloaded here.

7 thoughts on “Faculty Opinion – Facts and Faith: What we know to be true in the face of a pandemic

  1. Thank you! How refreshing. May many be encouraged to take up their cross and follow Christ, even as the world and Satan rage against God’s holy people.

  2. A deep and abiding thank you to the entire faculty of CLTS. Well said and vital for all Christians—pastors and people together—to hear. The current situation is where all of our talk on “faithfulness” finds the road which our rubber is called to meet.

  3. I endorse that 100 percent. I wish this could come out right at the start. I was a vacancy pastor but I told the congregation our church will remain open. All Sundays it was open and thanks be to God there was communion every Sunday. First two Su days just two people later numbers grew as people learnt about it. Last two Sundays I wore a mask for the communion about which I felt guilty but will stop it now. The Lord help us as His own family. This will be circulated in the congregation. Thanks once again. I had thought we Lutherans have been silenced? Not so!

  4. Excellent message. Thank you for your theological leadership, dear Professors.

    I’m afraid, though, that in halting the weekly gatherings of God’s people in the presence of the Lord Jesus, our LCC and LCMS pastors, together with all other denominations, have made an error from which there is no easy recovery. Besides being an act arising purely from fear and not from the pretended holier motives, this break has exposed a fundamental flaw in our church structure, namely its slavery to corporate structures, insurance policies, state recognition, and legal protection. It will be demonstrated and soon made apparent to believers that the organization of our synodical bodies is not viable for the journey ahead. The Constantinian period of state sanction for the Western church is over (A.D. 313-2020).

    Michael N.

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