The Seminary Guild’s fall newsletter has been released. Print copies have been sent to reps and congregations who have requested it, while the remainder are receiving it by e-mail to distribute to their members. You can download it now and read it here.

The Seminary Guild Executive have decided reluctantly to cancel the Harvest Day gathering, which had been scheduled for 17 October. In place of getting to know the students personally on that day, the fall newsletter includes photos and brief biographical introductions of all students.

The newsletter also includes reports on Guild events and projects, and a column by the spiritual adviser. And if you haven’t paid for an annual membership–at $5 it’s a bargain!–please contact your congregation’s Guild rep. These small membership fees add up to support great projects for our seminary students.

2 thoughts on “Seminary Guild Fall Newsletter Released

  1. I would appreciate one copy sent to me so I can make copies for those not on Internet Sent from my iPad


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