The seminary’s annual Call Service will take place on Saturday, 29 May 2021, 4.00pm. This is a joyful occasion for the pastoral candidates and vicars.

Because of current restrictions limiting service attendance to ten people, we have decided to forego holding the service in a local congregation and have relocated it to the seminary chapel. Sadly, only the candidates and vicars will be permitted to attend the service. If restrictions are eased in time, we will be able to include their families and some other members of the seminary community. We invite the rest of our church family to join in worship and prayer by watching the service on our YouTube channel:

CLTS Opening Service 2020
CLTS Placements 2020

We are pleased to announce the students who are ready for their placements. Markus Peschel and David Zakel will be certified for the holy ministry. While Markus will return to his native South Africa for placement, David will be given his first pastoral placement in LCC at the service. Jason Gillard, Chad Miller, and Nigel Prozenko will receive their vicarage placements.

The spring Call Service is also the occasion when other students are recognised for their academic achievements, and honorary awards are given. Even though they will not all be present in person, we will honour the recipients through an announcement at the service.


The Faculty and Board of Regents have chosen Rev. Dr Ralph Mayan, LCC President Emeritus, to receive the Delta Chi (Servant of Christ) award, the seminary’s highest honour. His long CV of service to the church will be shared when the award is announced.

While we regret deeply that these placements and awards cannot be properly celebrated in the usual way, we ask you to pray for the students, to watch the live stream to learn of their placements, and to join your voices with us in worship. God be praised for His gracious gifts!

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