Vicarage is a very important step in a seminary student’s formation towards the pastoral ministry—the opportunity to spend a whole year working in a congregation to put their theological education into practice. The annual vicars’ dinner, hosted by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada (LWMLC), opens the door a crack to see what they’re getting into. It’s one of those occasions when the students realise just how much love and support the church offers them as they prepare for their high calling.

For many years one of the local congregations in the Niagara region hosted a dinner, which was attended by a large group of LWMLC members, as well as the vicars and their families. For the past few years we have been unable to do this, and switched to a virtual event. But this year we were back in person, albeit in a different way.

On Thursday, 21 April 2022, LWMLC President Linda Long, Ontario District President Diana Grant, and former president Fran Porteous hosted a pizza lunch for the entire seminary community. The luncheon honoured three upcoming vicars, Daniel Cunningham, Trey Doak, and Joshua Radke. Two of the three joined online from their current homes in the US, where Trey has already begun his vicarage and Joshua is completing his final year of seminary courses online. While the faculty, staff, and students in the student lounge tucked in to their pizza, President Long presented a slideshow and video that illustrated the wide-reaching role the organisation plays in supporting the mission of Lutheran Church–Canada. Everyone was encouraged to think about the role LWML ladies have played in their personal and congregational lives!

Daniel Cunningham offered personal thanks on behalf of the three vicars for the faithful support of the LWMLC.

2 thoughts on “LWMLC Vicars’ Luncheon 2022

  1. So happy to see this is still going on! I appreciate seeing all the things going on. Miss all you folks ! Love, Judy

  2. Blessings on Guild Day tomorrow. I hope the sun shines through the chapel window ! It’s so beautiful !

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