This summer we bid farewell to Dr Harold Ristau and his family as they join the Lutherans in Africa mission in Kenya for three to five years. After teaching a course in 2019 at the Lutheran School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya, he was impressed by the high quality education, which surpassed any other contexts that he had witnessed in the southern hemisphere. He has long wanted to return to Kenya to help with their work.

Pastor James May, Director of the Lutheran School of Theology, got to know the whole Ristau family when he lived in Canada and spent a term at CLTS in 2020. The Ristaus will bring much needed support to the work in Africa, as it has expanded year after year by God’s grace.

Harold is married to Elise; together they have five children that will all accompany them to Kenya: Katelyn, Simon, Marcus, Luke, and Matthias. Most of the family is bilingual in the French language, which they hope to make use of in Africa. Dr Ristau has been a faithful servant in overseeing theological teaching in the overseas missions of Lutheran Church–Canada in Nicaragua and Thailand, as well as serving as pastoral adviser to the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society.

The Ristau family is very excited to move to Kenya to begin this next phase of their ministry. Please pray that their move overseas goes smoothly so they can be a blessing in serving the Lord in Africa.

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