January 22 marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year—the year of the Rabbit.  To help mark the occasion, one of CLTS’s students, Dr. Ping Liang, asked Dr. Korcok to join him for his church’s celebration. 

The service, which was conducted entirely in Chinese, was followed by a program that included singing and dancing by members of the congregation.  Afterwards there was a delicious feast of Chinese dishes.

Dr. Liang is an MTS student who attends a Niagara Community Christian Church in Niagara Falls which serves the Niagara Chinese community.  He enrolled in CLTS in order to gain theological training so that he can better serve his church.  This is an example of how CLTS provides support to the broader Christian community.  Dr. Liang is also a professor of Biology at Brock University, making him one of the very few students who is also a professor!

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