Seminary Closes in Response to Ontario Directive

The Ontario government has announced stricter measures to combat the current pandemic. All businesses deemed non-essential are required to close by midnight today (Tuesday). Thus, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary will be officially closed on Wednesday, 25 March 2020, and will remain closed until further notice. Faculty and staff will continue to work from home, as they are … Continue reading Seminary Closes in Response to Ontario Directive

Guild Day Cancelled

The seminary's annual Guild Day is scheduled for Saturday, 18 April. In the current crisis, it is clearly unwise for us to hold this event. Guild President Nancy Bryans conferred today with Seminary President Dr Thomas Winger and agreed that an official cancellation notice should be sent out.  Please pass on this notice to members of … Continue reading Guild Day Cancelled

Seminary Procedures in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

As an affiliated college of Brock University we have a responsibility to abide by their decisions on health and safety matters. In fact, in situations such as we are now experiencing, they provide a great service to us by taking the best advice and providing us with guidance. Today Brock announced that all face-to-face classes … Continue reading Seminary Procedures in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Liturgical Calendar 2020

For more than a decade CLTS, St. Catharines (lately in co-operation with CLS, Edmonton), has provided all LCC congregations with a wall calendar primarily meant for use by altar guilds. The calendar contained the liturgical festivals of the three-year and one-year lectionary series, together with their parament/vestment colours and space to write notes. In recent … Continue reading Liturgical Calendar 2020