Oleg Schewtschenko was a young lad who benefited greatly from LCC’s mission work in Ukraine, coming under the pastoral care of Rev. Roland Syens. He later studied for the Holy Ministry in the Lutheran seminary in Odessa, organised by Dr Norm Threinen of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton.

With the help of our synod and particularly Pastor Syens’ new parish (Holy Cross, Kitchener), Oleg was able to come to Canada for extended theological studies at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines. While here the St. Catharines faculty supervised his work on a Bachelor of Divinity degree in the University of London’s external programme. Last year the newly-ordained Pastor Schewtschenko returned to Ukraine with his degree nearly complete. He now serves a Lutheran congregation in Odessa.

We were very pleased to receive his latest newsletter, and thought this story would be of keen interest to alumni and faithful supporters of our seminary.

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