The programme for the upcoming symposium on Scandinavian Lutheranism is now available here. The conference begins on Monday evening following the LCC synodical convention–we warmly invite all delegates and guests to stay on in southern Ontario and join us.

The opening lecture, by Rev. Juhana Pohjola, Dean of Luther Foundation Finland, takes place on Monday, 6 June, at 7:00pm. This is an open lecture that will be particularly suited to a lay audience, and is available without registration. (There will be a voluntary offering at the close of the evening.) All concerned with the wellbeing of our fellow Lutherans overseas, especially those with family roots in Scandinavia and the Baltic republics, will find much to interest them as we learn of efforts to revive and strengthen orthodox Lutheranism in the Nordic lands.

Tuesday’s lecturers include Rev. Eric Andrae of Pittsburgh, PA; and Rev. Dr Naomichi Masaki of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne. We are especially pleased to announce the participation of LCMS President Matthew Harrison. The conference concludes on Wednesday, 8 June, at noon.

This symposium is being held partly in response to a request from a number of East District pastors for a repetition of the Pastors’ Study Week that we hosted for a couple of years some time back. As we look forward to seeing these pastors in a few weeks’ time, we ask that they be in touch with the seminary to register for this event.

Please register online. The registration fee is $75.00, including a hot meal Tuesday noon, hosted by the Seminary Guild. Retired seniors may request a reduced rate of $25.00.

The seminary is deeply appreciative of a supporting grant from FI Capital that makes the conference possible.

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