Not all lessons are taught in a classroom. The ten students in Dr Mundt’s Evangelism in the Parish course recently “took to the road”.

After attending the East District’s “EvangelFest” and discussing “Out-of-Church Experiences” and “Close Encounters of the Church-Kind” on Friday and Saturday (13-14 May), the students were given opportunities to put principles into practice.

Early Monday morning the class gathered at Rev. Jim Keller’s home in Guelph to help him and Rev. Aaron Rubach do some canvassing and other outreach activities on behalf of the Word of Life mission. Shifts of students took turns at an info table in the Stone Road Mall from 9am to 9pm. When not at the mall, they were going door-to-door in the housing areas nearest the mission site in the Trillium Waldof School. Not only were they issuing invitations to a Tuesday evening BBQ in Riverside Park, but they also had a chance to talk to people about their faith.

On Tuesday some students went to help pack emergency kits at Speroway, some finished canvassing areas from the day before, and some started on devotions at nursing homes. In the afternoon all the students were involved in Bible studies at Stone Lodge, Guelph Lake Commons, or Lapointe-Fischer seniors’ residences.

Set up for the BBQ began around 3.30pm. The rainy weathered may have curtailed attendance but it did not dampen the spirits of those attending. The students enjoyed the fellowship, and the food, with members from Word of Life and Bethel, Kitchener, before packing up supplies and heading back home to prepare for more classroom work to complete the course.

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