This week the seminary appeals to the members of LCC to include support of the seminary in their Lenten discipline. In our regular Lenten appeal letter, seminarian Joshua Radke introduces himself and his family. Dean Esko Murto encourages us to think about our attachment to possessions–and freedom from them in the Gospel of Christ. He writes in conclusion:

Do you want to go to a church where pastors are well trained in the sacred Scriptures and preach God’s Word instead of their own opinions? Do you want your children to be raised up in a church which is able to say no, convincingly, to the newest anti-Christian fad that may arise? Do you want to see missionaries go and preach to people in your communities? Giving money to the church ultimately is not giving money away, but using that money towards a goal you yourself want to see happen.

To that end, please consider making a financial gift to CLTS this Lenten season. Send a cheque in the envelope provided at your church, or visit Canada Helps ( to make a one-time or recurring donation by credit card. And please keep our students and staff in your prayers at all times.

You may read the full text of the letter here.

We pray you have a blessed Lent and Easter celebration.

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