The Ontario government has announced stricter measures to combat the current pandemic. All businesses deemed non-essential are required to close by midnight today (Tuesday). Thus, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary will be officially closed on Wednesday, 25 March 2020, and will remain closed until further notice. Faculty and staff will continue to work from home, as they are able. All classes continue to be taught through videoconferencing.

As noted previously, we take such procedures in thankful and dutiful submission to the authorities God has placed over us, hoping also that we can help to reduce distress to our families, loved ones, and communities. I encourage you to continue imploring God in prayer to bring this trial to an end, to unburden yourselves of worry by committing it to God in prayer, and to rely on His gracious promises to care for us in all our needs.

When in the hour of deepest need
We know not where to look for aid;
When days and nights of anxious thought
No help or counsel yet have brought,

Then is our comfort this alone
That we may meet before Your throne;
To You, O faithful God, we cry
For rescue in our misery. (LSB 615)

Peace to you all in Christ,
Revd Dr Thomas M. Winger, President

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