In this year’s Lenten Letter the seminary president, Dr Thomas Winger, encourages you to remember and support the “essential service” that your pastor offers you according to his divine calling. The letter also includes a focus on MTS student Jane Jacob, who is nearing graduation. See the full letter here. The letter will not be printed and mailed this year–please reproduce for your congregation as you are able.

Dr Winger writes in conclusion:

Your pastor is praying for you daily. He’s preaching God’s comforting Word to you, even while struggling with unfamiliar technology to broadcast it online. He’s phoning up those who are isolated, visiting the sick as he is able—and putting himself and his family at risk (like other health care workers). He does all this because he firmly believes that he is providing an essential service. Caring for souls is no less important—ultimately more so—than caring for bodies.

Please remember to support your pastor and your church, even when you might be unable to attend services in person. Sustain him through your prayers, words of encouragement, and ongoing financial gifts to your church. He brings the message that truly matters, the Word of Christ who promises: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt. 28:20).


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