The seminary’s annual Call Service was scheduled to take place at Grace Lutheran Church, St. Catharines, on Saturday, 30 May 2020, 4.00pm. Until now we have delayed a decision on cancellation while monitoring the pandemic situation. But it is now clear that the restrictions on such public gatherings in Ontario will not be eased in time to hold the service in the usual way. With great sadness we therefore must now announce that the public service will be cancelled.

Call service 2019

We are, nevertheless, still pleased to announce the students who are ready for their placements in May. Vishal Paul, who is ready to be certified for the holy ministry, will be given his first congregational placement. David Zakel will receive his vicarage placement. We intend to present these students with their placements in an online meeting that will include appropriate proclamation of God’s Word with prayer and praise. The details of this online event, with a link for the church at large to watch on a live stream, will be released in due course.

The spring Call Service is also the occasion when other students are recognised for their academic achievements, and honorary awards are given. We intend to delay presenting these awards until such a time as the recipients can be present in person, most likely at the seminary’s opening service in September. We are pleased, however, to announce and recognise these recipients now.

The faculty and Board of Regents have chosen Mr Carl Wathke (Faith Lutheran Church, Desboro) to receive the Delta Chi (Servant of Christ) award, the seminary’s highest honour. Mrs Mary Silver (Christ Lutheran Church, St. Catharines) will be given the Friend of the Seminary award. Both have a long CV of service to the church, which will be shared when the awards are given.

While we regret deeply that these placements and awards cannot be properly celebrated in the usual way, we ask you to pray for the students and to watch the live stream to learn of their placements. God be praised for His gracious gifts!

Further details will be released as a news story and posted on our website.


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